Thursday, 28 January 2010

9.0 Replication Features

We're getting close to deadline now for the next release of PostgreSQL.

Tensions running high as usual.

My concerns at this stage are always that we get some rounded features in before the doors close. It's always a shame to ship software exactly on time if that misses out on a few essential extras. Mind you without a hard deadline things do tend to slip for weeks and months on any project, not just PostgreSQL.

We're all working hard on the various replication features while we still can.

Greg Smith's been doing a great job improving pg_standby for use in file-based WAL shipping. I'm working on conflict resolution and other essential internals for Hot Standby. Hannu Krosing has been looking at improvements in Londiste replication, though that's not strictly tied to the release of PostgreSQL core.

We'll get there.

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