Thursday, 4 February 2010

Parallel Query (1)

I recently returned from a lunch meeting of the UK ex-Teradatans to see old friends and colleagues. Some people know that I spent time with Teradata when it was in startup mode, what seems like a very long time ago now. Anyway, that's left me with good knowledge and interest in parallel database systems. And that's why I know Greenplum's Chief Architect Chuck McDevitt and hence why I've been using Greenplum on and off since 2005. Greenplum have also funded some of the developments I've done for PostgreSQL.

I'm disappointed we've not made much progress with parallel operations and partitioning in core Postgres in last few releases. Recent Greenplum results show we have much work to do in improving things.
Some people may think I should be sad at that, though the way I see it, Greenplum is very close to being PostgreSQL. It just happens to have some good performance enhancements of great use in Data Warehousing. A few other enhanced versions of Postgres exist also.

Some other recent results also show that MonetDB and Infobright don't fare any better by comparison either.

Having seen the above results I'm thinking about projects for next release now. Anybody want to fund some additional Data Warehousing features in Postgres core? I'm determined that next release we will get Bitmap Indexes in core, at least.

There's some more to discuss on parallel query, such as "How does this all relate to Hot Standby?", so I'll follow up later with another blog.