Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hot Standby TODO

Well, finally managed to get Hot Standby committed on Friday. The build farm was still Green on Saturday, so my efforts to keep the patch non-build specific seem to have paid off.

Quite a few bugs fixed in the days up to release and I ended up working 19 days straight on getting it into Postgres. Walking to the South Pole does seem like an easier challenge.

Couple of things already reported, so thanks to those vigilant community members. One a doc change and another a bug effecting idle sessions connected to a database that is being dropped. Strangely, we correctly handle the case where they are running SQL, just mess up when they aren't doing anything at all. It's minor, but still a few hours to fix.

There's been various discussions on Hackers about what features are needed next. For the most part, everybody wants their pet peeve of the moment to be a must-fix item. Given that I am actually human, I need to work through the tasks in a priority order and we need to get some balance about what that order should be.

I'll be hosting a few Hot Standby User Groups (HugS) to discuss in more detail the issues surrounding the feature and what people think they want. If you want to be a Hugger, please come along.

Plan is to have some HugS remotely, then do New York and FOSDEM in February. If you'd like to come along for some HugS please register at http://www.2ndQuadrant.com/. The first remote HugS is planned for January 6 at 1600UTC.

I hope you can come along to help adjust my priorities.

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  1. That's excellent, Simon! Hot standby is a great addition to Postgres that I expect will be widely used. Thanks for all the hard work!