Monday, 18 January 2010

Mating Elephants

I've just discovered that we'll not be including Synchronous Replication in the next version of PostgreSQL, which is a surprise after so much work. (We will have streaming replication, however).

Remembering that the PostgreSQL symbol is an elephant (apart from in Japan), there is an old office joke that seems strangely appropriate. It goes like this:

Getting anything done around here is like mating elephants
* Everything gets decided at a high level
* There's a lot of stomping and trumpeting
* And it takes two years to get any results

Anyway, I'm sure we'll get there in the end so we can get multiple elephants synchronised.


  1. Although I would, of course, like to see synch rep in 9.0, I don't think there's necessarily a big difference if it ends up in 9.1 instead.

    9.0.0 will likely require quite a bit of stabilization. Hopefully not major issues, but there will almost certainly be lots of tweaks to usability and subtle behaviors. The people who really want sync rep want to wait until some of these things are sorted out, and waiting another release will allow that (particularly if we get sync rep early in 9.1 dev cycle).

  2. The word synchronous does imply a wait...

  3. Just out of curiosity, why no elephant in Japan?

  4. Hi, saw your very cool presentation at fosdem 2009. Streaming replication is the most important feature for us, so I'm happy. Thanks for all the hard work!