Thursday, 10 September 2009

Winning the Lottery

This week I'm the lucky recipient of about £23,750,000. That comes from various wills, lottery wins and corrupt magnates who can't cash a cheque any other way, except via me. So they say.

Last week I won more, I'm sure of it.

Did these guys ever need a database so they can deploy advanced marketing techniques!
(phone rings) .... ah, what's that? .... really? .... oh, how embarrassing, 3 you say? ....Maybe it needs tuning then, or perhaps replication? It does? Cool.... what's that? Could I just send a cheque for £100, so you can have my payment details correct and then you'll send through the consulting fees?.... Hmmm, maybe not after all. (hangs up)

Definitely hard to know which communications to receive and which to ignore. I figure if you read everything you'd never get anything done at all. I guess it's a balance and everybody chooses their own personal balance point.

Anyway, forget that, I'm off to spend my winnings: Woo hoo - So long, Lao Che!

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